Our Services

Beauty Concierge

Kiss and Makeup is available for all of your beauty needs! Group Beauty Lessons, Individual Beauty Sessions and Business Mentoring for those who want to be a makeup artist, too!

Makeup Made Simple – Introductory Lesson

$200/1.5 hour Consultation

Perfect for beauty newbies at any AGE-

Introductory instruction of basic skin care and daily makeup application.

Lisa applies and demonstrates how to do your makeup on one side of your face. Then, she coaches you as you apply the other side using her easy and fun step by step approach.

You will learn how to fill in your brows, cover any visible flaws, conceal your dark circles (yes, girl we ALL have them!) and get a perfect match for your foundation.  Finally master how to use eyeliner and shadow to make your eyes POP!

This approach guarantees that you are able to easily replicate the looks at home on your own! Shopping list, step by step recap and guide to stores included.


Advanced Level Personal Beauty Lesson

from $250/ 1.5-2 hour consult

Advanced Artistry –  A more in-depth level of learning for the beauty savvy girl.

Do you LOVE makeup? Just want a pro’s advice on what to do differently? Have you ever truly learned all the tricks you need to know for YOUR face shape?

You don’t have to go under the knife or needle to look completely transformed.

This advanced level lesson is created as a supplement to our Beginner Lesson.  Requires either completing the Beginner’s course or an advanced understanding of makeup application.

Learn how to contour your nose, jaw and cheekbones with professional contour and highlighters.

Create a makeup kit filled with revolutionary tools to rival a master’s – you will learn what all of those brushes, funny shaped sponges and products really can do for you!

Take your beauty regimen to the next level with this creative and challenging lesson.




Beauty Field Trip and Lesson

$550/ One Four hour session. First half is the Beginner Level Lesson and the other 2 hours we take a Beauty Field Trip!

This smart and insightful offering includes basic instruction, total overhaul of your current makeup stash and vanity, product recommendations, step by step instruction manual written by Lisa for you specifically – and visual face chart, one on one makeup application and instruction as you apply it to yourself.

The grande finale is a shopping trip escorted by Lisa to the Beauty Retail Store of your choice. (Ulta, Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenney)

Just think!! You will have your very own beauty guru at your side, we will shop together and experiment with the testers in store to find the latest and greatest products. No more buyer’s remorse or time sucking returns. Get EXACTLY what you want and get the knowledge you need to use it perfectly from the start.

We will pick out EVERYTHING together and I will even help you stay away from anything you don’t need, too!

Don’t go shopping without ME! I will be your best advocate for getting your money’s worth AND getting the very best personalize products in every category.


Tween and Teen Lesson

$75 - 45 minute consultation

Does your daughter go crazy with that black eyeliner?

Are you clueless about how to teach your daughter to apply makeup?

Is your little girl becoming a young lady and has the blemishes to show for it?

Let me show your sweet girl how to apply an age appropriate amount of makeup, keep up with the trends, care for her skin and troubleshoot those pesky blemishes.

You will wish YOUR mom could have done this for you!

Fun, informative and never preachy… this is a must have for every girl!



“Beauty Mentor” Services

Individualized packages, pricing varies

Sessions available online, via phone consult and in person –

For the aspiring entrepreneur.  Bring your life experience and learn how to turn your talent into your own thriving makeup artistry business.

Lisa will share with you the skills and lessons she has learned over the past 23 years in Executive Management. There isn’t another artist in the area that has been as successful for as long as Lisa. She has built a thriving business and has trained others to do it, too.

Need help coming up with a name for your business?  How about mastering the marketing skills to promote your business for free?? Learn how to grow your business to be successful and fulfilled. Learn what to stock your makeup kit with, how to service your clients and set yourself apart from your competition. Key marketing tools and how to keep your clients thrilled with your work.  Have flexibility in your work life  and independent earning potential that is unparalleled. Lisa will mentor you as you navigate through the start-up period.

Apprenticeships can also be available on a limited basis as you accompany Lisa on location to a wedding and learn exactly how to cultivate your own income generating business.

Follow up phone or Skype consultation and business review included.


Virtual Beauty Lesson – Skype Session

$75 - 45 minute Skype session

Too far away for a personal consult?  Let’s use the magic of the Internet to make you even MORE amazing!

Skype consultations bring Lisa into your own home no matter where you are!

Learn how to perfect your skin, apply eyeliner and lashes and finally master your beauty routine! We can send a man to the moon – surely I can teach you how to bring out your inner minx from your laptop!!

Stop watching YouTube videos and get personalized tips and tricks that work for your unique and gorgeous face.