Pittsburgh Make-up Artist

This is Camille.  She’s a statuesque Jamaican woman that I had the pleasure of working with during a boudoir shoot by the AMAZING Heather Lahtinen. I’m so glad to finally showcase diversity on my website. Isn’t she fabulous? More to come of Camille….



Behold what I think is possibly the greatest before and after I have ever done. Okay, well maybe because it’s a full fledged hair and makeup one too. But, indulge me. This is Sylvia. Her creamy perfectly toned skin was just begging to be lit up. I spent the day with Sylvia and her daughter […]


Pittsburgh Make-up Artist

My most recent boudoir shoot was unbelievably fun, intimate and featured this enchantingly beautiful woman. Carrie is one of those rare women that is confident in her own skin, sweetly inspiring and without a doubt a fabulous girlfriend to have. I’m usually the one that listens and cajoles my clients into feeling comfortable before being […]

Weddings by Heather

Pittsburgh Make-up Artist

This is my amazing, brave and beautiful friend Heather. She just happens to be the wildly talented and successful force behind Weddings by Heather. But, here… she is just another pretty face.   (ha!) And she’s kind enough to allow a pretty phenomenal before and after photo. Click here to visit Heather’s site and view […]


Pittsburgh Make-up Artist

This is Michelle.  She doesn’t need lots of bells and whistles to be beautiful. She has an understated beauty in her rich features and sparkling eyes. Recently, I had the pleasure of giving her a few lessons. I love how “unmade-up” she looks after and how the emphasis is still on how naturally pretty she […]


Pittsburgh Make-up Artist

Look at those eyes.  Amazing! Jenn was celebrating her 40th birthday with a pampering day and a boudoir photo shoot. Lots of fun, lots of information about great skincare and lots of tips and tricks she has added to her beauty arsenal. Most of all, she enjoyed a day all about her. How many of […]