Bridal Tips & Questions

Will the makeup last all day and night? What if I cry? No, really… WILL IT LAST??

YES!! That’s the entire reason you hire a professional makeup artist. We have all the tricks of the trade and years of experience with brides.

EVERY product used on your eyes is waterproof. No running, no smears, no raccoon eyes. Just flawless YOU.

Your makeup will last from the moment we are finished until you are ready to call it a night and start the honeymoon! Through humidity, rain, heatwaves, and even tears the makeup will look gorgeous. This is the biggest question we get and we say to you resoundingly YES. You will look beautiful all day and night. No matter what.


Should I have my entire bridal party get their makeup done?

Absolutely. A professional artist can help to bring beauty and symmetry to all of your bridal party. This will ensure that your pictures look lush and gorgeous. Everyone will have a professional, distinctive and beautiful look. Brides: It makes a great gift for your girls!

Don’t forget about Kiss and Makeup Gift Cards for your entire bridal party!!

When do I need to book my date with Kiss and Makeup?

We will work tirelessly to accommodate your needs, but we do book up quickly. Saturdays are the most popular -so as soon as possible to reserve your special date. We recommend booking at least 6 months in advance. Click here to find out if your date is still available!

Is there a deposit required?

We do require a $100 non-refundable deposit in order to book your special date. We also have a three person minimum and will travel up to 30 milesĀ from zip code 15601 each way at no extra charge.

Will you do just the bride’s makeup?

There is a three person minimum in order to book your date. That means the bride and at least 2 others. If you cannot meet the minimum requirement of three people, the fee will be based on a $275 minimum booking instead. There is, however, no maximum. We can accommodate large bridal parties easily.

Do I have to have a trial makeup application in order to book?

We strongly recommend having a trial run makeup application however, it is not required. This will help you to visualize how you will look, you will be provided with digital images to refer back to and affords you peace of mind when preparing for your big day. The trial run is $100 and includes before and after photos as well as a pair of custom fitted lashes.

My skin is very sensitive, what type of products do you use?

No problem. We use only the finest high end cosmetics and use hypoallergenic products. Our kits are stocked with a range of products that will complement your skin and it’s needs. Products from Stila, Chanel, Christian Dior, BeneFit, Nars, Laura Mercier, and MAC are just a few names you may recognize.